• Rural Preventures Charitable Trust To become a catalyst for improving quality of rural life & provide/arrange the resources too.
  • Potters Shed The Potters Shed was born from a dream. It all started about 20 years ago in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, when a teacher at the Kodaikanal International School happened to see a village potter at work. »
  • Outreach - The Village Health Centre Scout for localised skills that come with commitment: Two Social Workers with over 20 years of contact with local Villages have been identified & brought on-board
  • Pot Luck and The Sambar Kitchen "Food from around the world carefully cooked in Kodai Kitchens"
    By shopping or eating here our customers are helping to provide a free meal a day to 19 men & women in extreme poverty. »
Rural Pre-Ventures

Community Development is a complex issue, especially in remote villages far removed from the conveniences associated with urban life. Sadly, many people in these rural areas are unaware of the conditions that create serious health problems and curtail quality of life. The irony is that those who do know how to modify these conditions must wait for leaders within these villages to ask for help before they can go in and offer to help. Even then it is a slow process that requires patience and insight to gain trust, to gather resources, and to develop good working relationships.

A small group of people met together to discuss the subject of health issues in the villages of the Palni Hills. Everyone present felt deeply about the need to develop an Outreach Program that would focus on prevention, intervention, and education. It was also to be a new venture, complementing but not supplanting the work of other NGO’s, and offering a helping hand to those most in need.

Hence The Rural Preventures Charitable Trust was born. First and foremost, the Trust seeks to raise awareness within such communities so that the leaders will begin to recognize health hazards and other problems that threaten the quality of life for their loved ones. Qualified professionals are already identifying community leaders and working with them to consider possible solutions to the problems. Soon bridges of understanding will be built to span the gap between rural community leaders and professional health care givers. As Trustees, we see ourselves as facilitators in this bridge building process.

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